Welcome to the Franklin Ojeda Smith website. It took an epiphany for him to come to acting, and because he has we are glad, empowered, and humanized. He brings to the screen and stage an enormous power, a sensitive wisdom honed from over forty years as professor, mentor, writer, creator and teller of stories. And is blessed with a deep, bass, ‘web-enticing’ voice -it befits his nickname (Spider) - that is more music than sound, and brings pictures and life to words. His is a physicality sculptured by and a humanity evolved through the living of a full and varied life that radiates noble humility. Franklin’s is a uniquely ‘gumbo’ presence – Native Gullah Sea Islander, garnished with multiple competencies of culture, sports and academia, laid on a foundation of faith. He says, “My dream was to play shortstop for the Dodgers, but I wouldn’t sign for ‘colored money’ - Jackie, Roy, Willie, Satchel, Josh and countless others had already paid those dudes.” So he went to Hampton Institute, where he was introduced to an even more profound legacy and purpose. In the unfolding of this legacy, Franklin has touched thousands in the classroom; and now that he has said yes to his epiphany, he reaches millions and beyond.
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Franklin has been busy, click to view his IMDB profile for his latest appreances in network series and upcoming feature films.

See Franklin in HBO's
Boardwalk Empire

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Franklin Narrates a tribute to Muhammad Ali at the 2011 Life Changing Lives Gala.
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Where else Franklin is seen or heard:
He narrated the Series Lemur Kingdom on Animal Plant; and commercially on TV, Radio, and in print.

Franklin is in the role of Aniston Turney in the DVD released film  'Cayman Went'.
In the movie Invincible starring Mark Wahlberg, Franklin plays Les the cantankerous equipment Manager.


  Franklin’s other feature films include:
Multiple Sarcasm, The Undying, Cayman Went, and Letting Go, Steps in the Sand, The Cost of a Soul..

Vanessa L. Williams stars in the film My Brother, and Franklin plays the urbane cultural attaché.

In the HBO television series The Wire, Franklin plays a minister